Issues on Illegal Downloading to Cover in a College Essay


Illegal downloading is definitely a very big issue in our world today. Statistics are actually showing a very big percentage of the world’s population prefers to get their media files through illegal downloading as opposed to going out to buy the media files form the right channels. These facts make illegal downloading a worthwhile topic to talk of in a college essay. There are so many aspects of it that can be covered and would make for great ideas for college essays.

Issues on Illegal Downloading to Cover in a College Essay

  • Talk of how illegal downloading is affecting the economy. A good topic for this essay would be The Cost of Illegal Downloading. Illegal downloading provides very many people with an avenue of getting media files for free. This then means that money that would have otherwise been released into the economy through the purchase of these files remains in the hands of the individuals. Money is thus no circulating in the economy and this will ultimately have a negative impact on the growth of the economy.
  • Discuss the impact of technological advancements on illegal downloading. Truth be told, the many advancements in technology are making it easier each and every day to download these media files. The introduction into the market of various internet enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets have made it easier for people to access the internet from anywhere and at any time. There are so many websites on the internet form where one can download all the files that they are looking for. You can discuss all these sites and the exact methods through which people get to download various files.
  • You can also take the morality route and talk of the lack of ethics and principles behind illegal downloading. The act in itself is first and foremost illegal thus wrong in the eyes of the law. Secondly, it is a way of stealing as it denies the stakeholders in the media industry their rightfully earned cash. Various people depend on the sale of these files to make their daily living; once the files are illegally downloaded, they are not able to make their money as no purchases are being made. Illegal downloading is giving an avenue to people to get access to files that they would have otherwise not had unless certain conditions were met. This really shows a lack of ethics and morals.
  • Talk of the legal aspect of illegal downloading. Give in depth information as to why the act is illegal in the first place. To be able to fully explain this aspect, you need to have full information on the various laws involved including the copyright laws. Give information on penalties that have bee stipulated for people caught engaging in illegal downloading and the authorities that will be responsible for prosecuting them. Make sure out do your research right and get all your facts straight before you start writing; definitely one of the great ideas for personal essays.


The Truth is that illegal downloading is a cancer in the media industry in today’s world. Despite the facts that its effects are not explicitly seen and felt by the masses, it is something that needs to be talked of and fought against. This makes it one of the best essay ideas for college writing; a comprehensive college essay clearly outlining the issues involved in this illegal downloading would definitely help. Just make sure that you are well equipped with all the right information before you start writing.

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