The Key To Crafting A Definition Essay About Censorship


What is Censorship? What is it all about and whom does it affect? What areas are affected by it? What are the factors that go into determining where it is to be and not to be applied? Who is the authority behind the application of censorship? Are there laws governing censorship and who is in charge of enforcing them? These are just some of the issues that you need to broadly cover when writing a definition essay on censorship. You need to be able to give a lot of information on the said issues. Below is an outline of how you can go about it.

Outline of the Best Definition Essay on Censorship

  • What is Censorship? This statement in itself is one of the best definition topics that you can have. This should be the starting point of your writing. Give a precise yet informative description. This should be done in just a few sentences. Start with one statement defining the term then two or three other statements expounding on the definition that you have given. This part should not have too much information. It should just have enough information to lead to the next part of the essay.
  • The body of the essay is where you will give all the information possible about censorship. This information could vary from the laws affecting censorship, to the authorities charged with enforcing these laws, to the application of censorship in today‚Äôs world to the factors determining where censorship will be applied and where it will not to so many other issues. This should be the largest part of the essay and should constitute quite a number of paragraphs depending on the word count that you are expected to meet.
  • The conclusion is the final part. Give a summary of all the things that have been discussed in a few short sentences. Simply headline the most important points and make sure the important aspects of censorship are well brought out. You should not have a long conclusion and it should be just one paragraph.


The key to answering how to write a definition essay is to understand the meaning of the word definition. You need to understand the purpose of the essay which is to define the particular topic that you are addressing. You should thus be able to not only explain what the topic means but also expound on it on the basis of the definition that you have given. The key is being able to gather the key points of information on that particular topic and putting them together in a single write up. You also need to ensure that you are as comprehensive as possible without giving too much unnecessary information. Sticking to the script is a very crucial part of writing a good definition essay.

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