Composing A 5 Paragraph Persuasive Essay About Piracy


Looking at the instructions, a 5 paragraph persuasive essay can seem quite a hard thing to write but it is not. Remember that your mind is a very powerful tool and what you believe in it is what you will see. This is just an essay like any other the only difference being that instead of being a 500 word count, for instance, you have been limited to five paragraphs. This is the best way to look at it. The secret to being able to come up with a good one is proper planning prior to writing. Remember that a good essay is one that gives all the relevant information in a comprehensive and easily understandable manner; this should be the premise of your writing.

Proper Planning for your Essay

  • Research is the first step to proper planning. Take the time to gather as much information on piracy as you can. Gather information from various sources including the internet, print media, libraries and so on and so forth. Collate all this information. Highlight the major points that keep on showing up in all the sources that you get information from. These are definitely major points on the subject and this is why they repeatedly appear and these should form the key points of your writing.
  • Once you have completed your research and you have collated all the information that you need to, it is time to start filtering out what is not necessary. Remember that you only have fine paragraph, two of which have already been taken out by the conclusion and introduction. You are thus required to give all the information on piracy in just three paragraphs. You do not have room for fluff information, just the key points. The three paragraphs should however still be as informative as possible. This means that you need to have a clear approach of how you are going to be tackling the topic as you write on it; will you be focusing on a certain aspect of it or will you take the broad overview approach?
  • Draft up a sample essay. You can use a five paragraph essay example college to help you with the draft. Let the draft follow the outline of a complete write up; start with the introduction, follow with the body and finally the conclusion. Write just as you would the real copy but leave room for improvement as this is only a draft and will definitely need to be revised.
  • Read through the draft and tweak it. Make sure it makes sense and get rid of all information that looks like it has just been fixed there. Do not use too many words explaining the same thing. Explain everything that you need to in very short and precise statements and go straight to the point. Avoid beating about the bush and only stick to the topic at hand. Once you are satisfied that you have fully revised the draft, write it up as your final essay.


Composing a 5 paragraph essay APA format is really not easy especially on a topic as wide as piracy. The key to doing it however is being able to appropriately plan yourself and decide what is relevant for the essay and what is not. Stick to the main points only. Writing of the raft will especially be helpful in helping you to get rid of what is not necessary and remain with what is needed.

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