Things Necessary To Create An Argumentative Essay Introduction Paragraph

An argumentative essay is just that. It’s an argument in which you take a particular side and make your case to prove that what you’re saying is true. An argumentative essay will have the standard structure of introduction, fact paragraphs and conclusion but this article is all about the beginning of your essay. There are four important ingredients to make sure the introduction of your argumentative essay is a hit. Your goal is to impress the reader and make them want to keep reading the remainder of your essay. They have to do that anyway as they are your teacher giving you a mark for your work. But to help you get the best possible result, create the best possible opening paragraph.

  • Grab their attention from the beginning
  • What is the back story?
  • What is your thesis statement?
  • Don’t include certain things

It’s most important that your very first sentence is one which hooks the reader’s attention. Think of it as a sales pitch. Think of it as the first sentence in a novel where you simply have to make the reader want to keep reading. Think carefully about this. Work on this opening sentence so that it is both intriguing and powerful.

You need to tell the reader a little about the background to the topic. We know what you’re going to argue for but what is the argument topic itself? Give the reader some information about the history of the topic or how it is relevant today.

Your thesis statement is the basis for the foundation of your entire essay. It is usually a simple sentence but one which encapsulates the position you are going to take in writing your argumentative essay. It could be your creative opening sentence but regardless, it will appear in the introduction and needs to be worked on until it is perfect. This is the statement from which your various points of view will be drawn.

Finally it’s important in creating your introduction that you do not include certain things. The main points which you will reveal in your fact paragraphs will never appear in your introduction. Your summing up of the arguments you will make appears in your summary and will never appear in your introduction.

Remember that this particular paragraph is only one part of your entire essay but it is the first part and a very important part. Get it right and the rest of your essay should flow and flow well.

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