How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay?

It really doesn’t matter if you’ve written a dozen essays or this is your first one, they are an intimidating assignment for most students. Not only do you have to give a lot of thought about the content, but the structure is equally important. Being aware of the rules of essay writing and the structure of them can make or break your final grade. With that said we’ve put together a brief look at basic assay structure that you can keep in mind and use as a starting point.

Determine the Type of Essay Required of You

First things first, there are a variety of essay models that people can use. It’s important to be aware of what type of model is expected of you before you begin. For the purpose of this blog we’ll talk about the five paragraph style of essay, which just so happens to be the most common and popular one. Likely it’s the first one you learned.

Breaking Down the Steps

When it comes to a standard essay it doesn’t get more basic than the five paragraph essay. This particular model is usually the first one taught to students as it is relatively simple to comprehend. The structure has five main sections which are:

  • ▪ The introduction, this is where you introduce your idea or the question you will be answering
  • ▪ The first paragraph, which supports the introduction’s idea or main point
  • ▪ The second paragraph, again supporting that main introduction
  • ▪ The third paragraph, the final information that supports the introduction and purpose of the essay
  • ▪ The conclusion, allowing you to wrap up and highlight that introduction once again

An In-Depth Look at Content

The introduction is where you lay out the basis of the essay. This is referred to as the thesis statement. You make this statement, back it up with a few points you plan on discussing, and then you need to use that to move into that first paragraph.

Your various paragraphs are your opportunity to build your case. They need to refer back to that thesis and provide support the argument, statement, or position you have taken. Take time to think through these paragraphs and the direction you want to take with them. They need to flow in an organic manner so the essay doesn’t feel too choppy.
For your conclusion this is the point in which you want to summarize the points you’ve discussed in the body of your essay and again state your thesis. You are wrapping up the essay so it needs to be done in a cohesive and clear manner.

One tip to keep in mind is that experts often recommend you write the introduction last. Sometimes it’s easier to go back after you’ve put the whole essay together and then form that thesis statement.

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